Production Services
in French Polynesia
We will take care of everything needed for the success of your shoot in French Polynesia.
Why us?

Aloha Production is a leading film and photo production services company based in Tahiti, French Polynesia. The company was founded more than 20 years ago by experienced Cinematographer Denis Lagrange.

Denis has a Masters Degree in Finance and is a member of the AFC (French Society of Cinematographers). He has worked extensively as a cinematographer and film director and has an all-encompassing knowledge of the workings of a film shoot.

We are a natural choice for English speaking productions as our crew works regularly in an international environment.

Aloha Production’s credits include Disney, the BBC, Netflix, Apple TV, Nat Geo, French, European and Asian Tv channels. Our Company collaborates also with major film productions for Commercials, Hollywood feature films and documentary films.

Discover our work

Aloha Production has developed worldwide production partnerships, especially in France, UK and the United States.

We offer exclusive aerial, marine, and underwater rights-free stock footage.
Production services
Why shoot in French Polynesia?

Tahiti and her islands are known for their amazing transparent blue waters and some of the most famous surf waves in the world, like Teahupoo.


Tahiti is an affordable place to shoot and is serviced by major International airlines with several direct flights per week.

An agreement with airlines is a possible option for plane tickets and freight from Los Angeles and Europe, to Tahiti.

Tax credit

Did you know that TV and movie productions can benefit from a 30% tax rebate and VAT recovery? By meeting certain conditions and following specific guidelines, productions can save money on their budget and increase their chances of success.


Professionals and experienced crew are available locally. No visas are required for stays under 90 days. ATA carnets are accepted for temporary import of equipment.


Year-round tropical climate. The best period to shoot in French Polynesia is between April and November.


8 hours direct flight from Los Angeles. Tahiti is an affordable prestigious tropical destination in the same time zone as Hawaii.


French Polynesia is a country where you can find three types of islands: atolls, islands surrounded by a lagoon, and mountainous islands with no lagoon.

Production services
What do we offer?
Film Production servicing

Aloha Production has developed strong relationships with the local authorities in French Polynesia and has a good understanding of the local market and people.

Our services can support large Hollywood productions and also independent film or documentary film budgets. Our goal is to make this most amazing location affordable for your needs.

Marine and Underwater expertise

Aloha Production has extensive experience in Marine and Underwater shoots. We can supply all kinds of equipment including underwater camera housings, underwater lighting and grip.

We can also supply stunts, models and doubles with marine or underwater expertise for your shoot.

Production & co-productions Tahiti & Worldwide

Aloha Production can produce or co-produce your film or help you to find funding though its Productions network.

Photo Production Services

Aloha Production can also supply Ad Print Services with Professional Photographers (from topside to underwater).

We offer equipment rental

Underwater camera housings for RED, ARRI, Sony cameras, Grip for UW/Marine use, UW lightening systems, UW Communication systems, Special boat units.

Production services
What can we supply?

Aloha Production will help you to organize the logistical aspects of your shoot, including plane tickets, lodging, meeting rooms, transfers, any kind of logistics, equipment rental, technicians and local crew, special permits, and all other services needed for a production.

Denis is a certified drone pilot with a European drone license (usable in French Polynesia).

We have our own boat support dedicated to film shoots including multiple options to attach professional filming equipment.

Let's talk about your project

Each film is unique and needs individual and detailed attention.

Our work is driven by our deep respect for the environment