Equipment Rental
From underwater camera housings to specific diving equipment, we offer a wide range of products for rent for your projects.
Underwater Cinema
Camera Housing

RED Raptor – Alexa LF & Alexa 35 – Sony Venice – Phantom Flex 4k Compatible
Waterproof 150 meters
Waterproof converter for lens control
Compatible with most of aspherical lenses
Reliable & small size cinema housing

Underwater Studio
Camera Housing

RED Raptor – Alexa LF & Alexa 35 – Sony Venice – Phantom Flex 4k compatible
All lenses and cameras compatible – Unique for camera tests
Waterproof 200 meters
Underwater converter for lens control

Underwater Raptor
Camera Housings

RED Raptor compatible
Waterproof 150 meters
7″ monitor – Smalll HD DP7 ultra bright monitor
Reliable & small size underwater camera housing

Underwater Mechanical
Camera Housing

RED Raptor & Monstro compatible
Waterproof 200 meters
Extremely reliable – No electronic

Underwater Mini
Camera Housing

RED Monstro – RED Helium- RED Dragon compatible
Waterproof 200 meters
Extremely reliable & VERY small size camera housing – No electronic

Underwater 3D
Camera Housing

3D Rig/Beam splitter – 5k RED camera
Waterproof 150 meters
Reliable and small size

Underwater 2D & 3D Deep
Camera Housing

RED Raptor – RED Monstro – RED Helium- RED Dragon compatible
Waterproof 1500 meters
Monitoring from the surface

1600W LED Underwater
Lighting System

4 x 400 Watts LED
Studio version powered with 30v underwater
Powered from the surface
Electrical security system

240W LED Underwater
Lighting System

240 Watts LED 5600 K & Ultra Violet
80 min autonomy battery pack

Communication System

4 Full Face Masks
1 Surface Station Unit STX 101
2 Receivers
1 Underwater speaker
1 Surface station unit DRS 100

We offer equipment rental

Underwater camera housings for RED, ARRI, Sony cameras, Grip for UW/Marine use, UW lightening systems, UW Communication systems, Special boat units.

Cameras, Lenses & Accessories
RED Raptor
RED Dragon
SN 914 & SN 2105
Zoom LWZ 15,5-45mm T2 ZEISS PL mount
SN 8932381
Zoom 11-16mm T2,8 DUCLOS PL mount
SN 69026
2x21mm T2,9 ZEISS PL mount
4 x Redmag SSD 256Go
Redbrick Batteries & Chargers
PAG Batteries
Monitor 8" Transvideo 3D
SN 11F50947
Monitor Small HD High Bright DP7 Pro 7"
ND filters
ND 3/6/9/12/12IR
Nikon Lenses
16mm, 20mm, 14-24mm, 70-200mm, 400mm, 105mm Macro
Musashi OptiMag converter
14mm T2 Cine Lens Sigma
90mm Macro Lens DzoFilm
Oxygen Close Circuit Rebreather
Aqualung C.O.D.E
JJ Rebreathers
Aluminium boat 27 feet
(based in Tahiti)
Zodiac 25 feet
(based in Cannes)
Submerge DPV - Underwater scooter
(based in Tahiti)
Compressor Bauer 8m3
(based in Tahiti)
Booster pump O2
(based in Tahiti)
UW Speaker DR100
Underwater slider
UW light panels 175x175 cm
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